Concrete Demolition, Removal and Disposal Services

Concrete Demolition, Removal and Disposal Services

Chances are, if you look closely enough, you’ll definitely find concrete somewhere in your home. Concrete is certainly popular, to the point where it is regarded as the most widely used material. Builders certainly love it, because of its durability, strength and versatility. Nevertheless, like almost everything else, concrete may not last forever. There may come a point when you decide that a portion of your building that includes this material needs to be renovated, or you need to extract a portion of concrete that has been irredeemably damaged.

Concrete’s much-heralded strength becomes a major headache when the tables turn and you want to demolish it. Discarding removed chunks of concrete may also pose a challenge. Fortunately, we are well equipped to handle such challenges. Our experts boast vast and detailed knowledge of the best concrete removal and disposal practices and there is virtually no project capable of fazing us. We also offer cement removal, especially as cement is such a major part of concrete’s fabric. What this means is that we can help demolish all types of cement and concrete structures including walkways, driveways, pavements, sidewalks and a host of others.

Professional Concrete Removal 

We understand that you practically want to leave no stone unturned in your quest to realize your vision of your dream home, but boundless enthusiasm on its own is not sufficient when it comes to the removal of concrete. We are well versed in the safest and most effective methods of concrete removal and disposal. We are also committed to carrying out projects in ways that cause the least harm to the environment and we strive to leave no footprints, wherever possible. When you engage our services, you’re making a commitment to excellent service delivery and you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your project is in the best possible hands. Our operations are smooth, safe, timely and hassle-free.

How Concrete Demolition Works

We often receive requests from clients asking us to outline the concrete demolition process for their benefits. Even though no two projects are exactly similar, here are some fairly standard order of operations for concrete demolition:

  • Get In Touch With Us: Contact us and let us discuss your project in detail. We’ll work through the preparation phase together, and our experts will ask you questions and also answer your questions. We’d love to meet you.
  • Send Us Photos Of The Concrete You Want Removed: This will provide us with essential guidance so that we can strike your targets exactly.
  • Prepare For Demolition: On your part, you’d need to move cars and other materials off the concrete. On our part, we’ll consult with local authorities to ensure that our activities will not adversely affect electricity, power, gas or water lines that could have been placed underneath the concrete.
  • Make Arrangements for Disposal: We tend to be proactive with this since disposing of concrete debris is usually difficult. So, we set things in motion to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
  • Welcome the Demolition Team: We’ll show up on your property on the agreed date, then our experts will go over plans with you once again.
  • Demolish the Concrete: We take decisions on demolition methods based on the scope and unique requirements of the project. Jackhammers may suffice for the smaller projects, while bigger and more complex ones may require more advanced tools.
  • Discard the Concrete: As soon as the demolition job is complete, we’ll switch our focus towards discarding the pieces. Again, our methods are determined by the scope of the project: manually or with the help of cutting-edge technology.
  • Clean Up The Area: We’ll ensure that we leave hardly any trace of our activities as soon as we’ve disposed of the concrete.
  • Your Property Is Ready To Use: When we’re finished, you’ll be able to use your new-found space whichever way you deem fit.


What are the indicators that concrete needs to be replaced it removed? 

Remove or replace concrete in the following situations:

  • If it seems to be sagging or sinking.
  • It displays cracks in several areas.
  • It displays signs of damage from corrosion.
  • It deteriorates due to the effects of extreme cold. 

What types of concrete structures can be replaced? 

Quite simply, all types. From the removal of concrete slabs to the demolition of all concrete structures, we are adept at all types of concrete removal jobs.