Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Demolition and Removal

Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Demolition and Removal

Mobile homes are homes that are attached to, or that can be pulled by vehicles, and they are extremely popular these days. At the last count, over 20 million Americans live in these settings. It’s easy to see why: they are more affordable than traditional homes, may boast excellent amenities and can be transferred from place to place, depending on your preferences. While mobile homes have the capacity to last through time immeasurable, most do eventually give in to wear and tear and need replacement. In which case you may need to dismantle your old mobile home.

The thought of tearing down something that may hold great sentimental value to you can be pretty overpowering, but we’ve got this for you. Our mobile home demolition crew boasts immense knowledge and experience in trailers house demolition and disposal and we’d be delighted to assist you.

Painless Mobile Home Disposal 

You may be thinking of replacing an outdoor or damaged mobile home or travel trailer with a newer model, but you’re unsure how to go about ridding yourself of it. Demolishing a mobile home is by no means straightforward: it requires a series of processes that must be strictly adhered to. First and foremost, you’d need proper approval, then you’d need to deconstruct all or most of the home. You may need to sort through the clutter to pick out salvageable items and properly dispose of the waste that’s left. All things considered, it sounds like too much stress to take on all by yourself.

The good news is, you don’t have to. We have seasoned and skilled professionals with several decades of top-level experience who can take on this particular task on your behalf. We have turned this particular type of demolition to an art. If you choose us, we’ll handle all aspects of this project for you and leave you free to channel all your attention and effort towards opening up the new chapter in your life.

How Mobile Home Demolition Works 

We only formulate plans and strategies for the demolition of mobile homes and travel trailers based on indices such as size, materials, location and other factors. Nevertheless, the following steps are involved:

  • Contact Us: Just as soon as you reach out to us on phone, we’ll begin to gather information about your mobile home so that we can begin preparations in earnest.
  • Send us photos of your mobile home or travel trailer: The photos you send can help us streamline our plans and sharpen our focus.
  • Prepare the home for demolition: You may need to obtain a permit before you tear down your mobile home. Fortunately, you can leave this part to us. We have a thorough understanding of the whole process. In your mobile home, you’ll need to ensure that all utilities are turned off, for our safety. You should also endeavor to remove all your personal effects from the interior of the mobile home.
  • Make a plan for Disposal: Disposal plans should necessarily be made before the commencement of the removal process. We’ll provide you with an estimate of how much space the wreckage will occupy in the trash. This has a direct bearing on the dumpster costs and other fees associated with the residue from your mobile home. All the logistics for this part of the process will be handled by us.
  • Disassemble the mobile home or trailer as much as possible: We’ll help you lose and set aside scraps from the vehicle that you can sell later on. We’ll also disassemble your mobile home to help hasten the demolition process and help you save money.
  • Demolish the remaining material: On the agreed date, we’ll deconstruct and round up all the larger residential pieces of your mobile home.
  • Discard the Materials: We’ll set the pre-arranged disposal plan in motion, bringing the demolished materials to dumpsters or other appropriate venues.
  • Tidy up the place: When we’re all done with dismantling and discarding your mobile home, we’ll get to work cleaning up the area and leaving it in a pristine state for the next mobile home.
  • Move on: With everything taken care of, you can now move on to the next stage of your life. 


Do I need a permit for mobile home demolition? 

You’ll need to get a permit before removing your mobile home in most cases. We can assist with this.

Do I need to clear out my trailer before demolition? 

Yes, you do.