Old Deck & Fence Removal Services

Old Deck & Fence Removal Services

Your decks and fences are actually integral parts of your home. They are certainly some of the most functional. That’s why they can look pretty awful whenever they’re in bad shape. And when they’re that way, they can be off-putting to potential buyers, greatly reducing the value of your property and making it that much harder to sell, if you’re inclined to. Dilapidated decks and fences also pose security challenges.

These scenarios can be easily remedied by residential demolition. If you’re looking to fix defects in your fence or deck, preparing to put up your property for sale or you simply need to tear down these structures, we can greatly assist. We specialize in opening up a whole world brimming with options to our clients, and reliability and excellence are our hallmarks.

Removing Fencing and Decks on Your Property 

Removing decks and fences may not seem like complicated tasks at all and you may be tempted to handle them yourself. But employing the help of seasoned professionals is actually the recommended course of action, because pulling down fences and decks may end up being dangerous and not worth the hassle at all. Besides, if you end up doing an inadequate job, you may be forced to turn to those same experts, after all, not to mention hurting yourself. Deck and fence removal is our bread and butter and we have the personnel and tools to deliver the best results at all times.

      How Old Deck and Fence Removal Works 

We follow different templates for each dilapidated fence or old deck removal projects, but there are certain processes that intersect and remain constant. For most projects, we:

  • Garner more information about individual circumstances: We’ll ascertain the condition of your deck and fence over the phone and request for pictures of the structure. Will the insights gathered from this consultation, we’ll fashion a plan that’s well-suited to your particular preferences.
  • Prepare for Demolition: Just as soon as our plans are approved by you, we’ll launch into the preparation stage. This includes verifying if your project needs a permit and perfecting this aspect before we proceed with operations.
  • Plan For Debris Disposal: We’ll also outline actionable and cost-effective plans to safely and effectively despatch the debris from your deck or fence. We’ll make sure plans are established before we even begin.
  • Welcome the demolition team to your property: As soon as plans are perfected, we’ll show up on your property on the agreed date.
  • Dismantle the Structure: To make the demolition process easier, We’ll disassemble your fence or deck as much as can be allowed. This is also in order to locate salvageable materials for you.
  • Demolish Remaining Components: If there are especially sturdy materials in your fence or deck that survived our earlier ministrations, we may need to make use of more sophisticated tools.
  • Dispose of the Wreckage: Here, we activate our pre-made disposal plans to haul off debris from the demolished fence or deck.
  • Clean Up The Area: We’ll carry out a thorough cleaning of the area after we’ve disposed of the remains of your fence or deck.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you remove fences on commercial lots? 

Yes. We remove fences on both commercial and residential lots.

Are all types of fences able to be removed? 

Of course. Our team of experts is quite adept at getting rid of all types of fences. We can also demolish mounts, dispose of mesh, get rid of railings, remove pylons, and a whole host of other services.

How expensive is it to demolish a deck or fence? 

The exact fee for services will depend on the particulars of your project. Nevertheless, our prices are competitive and budget-friendly.