Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services

Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services

Swimming pools are really nice to have around, but they can also easily become quite the nuisance. They are expensive to maintain, occupy valuable yard space and make trying to sell your property an uphill task. In extreme cases, they may even begin to pose serious security threats to your family. If you’re looking to rid yourself of the hassles associated with maintaining a swimming pool, we can help. Swimming pools command their own unique demolition strategies, and we know all about them. As soon as you get in touch us, we’ll draw on our huge reservoir of pool filling knowledge to rid you of that particular burden in record time.

Swimming Pool Filling and Removal 

Filling a pool can look like the easiest thing in the world at first glance. After all, how difficult can draining the water and filling the pool with dirt be? We regret to announce that it’s not quite that simple. There are several things you need to take into consideration when you demolish a pool, such as how to deal with pipes, tiles, concrete and other materials left behind. You’d also need to consider the import of this procedure on the soil and several other factors. You might even need to employ the services of an engineer to verify these facts for you. Then there’s the small matter of obtaining an order permitting the removal of the pool. All things considered, it’s a very drawn-out, tiring process.

Luckily, you can always delegate this particular responsibility to us. We have extensive experience in this niche and we also boast cutting-edge technology to help us execute all swimming pool filling and removal projects with distinction.

How Swimming Pool Demolition it Works 

Although pool removal depends heavily on the specific circumstances that surround the project, some instances remain constant. You’ll initiate the process when you reach out to us. During the course of our exhaustive interactions over the phone, we’ll request and receive vital information about your pool and begin to strategize on how to demolish it. You’ll be asked to provide photos of the pool in order to provide greater clarity. After that, the discussion turns to permit issues, and we’ll help you procure one if it becomes necessary.

If you need in-ground pool removal, we may do a full or partial removal of the pool structure. Usually, partial removal is less time, effort and resource-intensive. On the flip side, they may be more problematic moving forward. A full removal is better in the long run and poses fewer risks.

You may also require an engineered or non-engineered backfill for in-ground pool removal. Above ground pool removal is the far simpler option. Our demolition crew will break the pool into pieces once it has been drained, and dispose of the materials properly. If you need to learn more about the above processes, or you need guidance on which option to use, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to empty my pool before it can be removed? 

It’s very important to drain your pool before the arrival of the demolition crew. If you’re unable to drain it completely, we’ll help drain the rest out or work around it.

Does it matter if my pool is above ground or in-ground?

Not at all. Our crew is versatile and knowledgeable enough to handle both in-ground and above ground pool removal and even demolish both and outdoor pools.

Does it matter what materials my pool is made of?

It does not make any difference to us, one way or another. We are comfortable working with a wide variety of pool materials. Fiberglass pool removal, re-bar pool removal, concrete pool removal and granite pool removal are some of the services we offer.