Professional Bathroom Demolition

Professional Bathroom Demolition

Remodeling bathrooms is a delicate business. You may have to remove tile, repair old plumbing or take countertops and vanities out of the picture, and all these may require a partial demolition. The good news is, we’ve got you covered, regardless of whatever your needs may be. You bring the vision and we’ll bring our expertise to the fore, in order to ensure that we deliver the project of your dreams.

We handle small projects with the same zest and dedication as we do the big ones. Just as soon as you engage our services, we’ll send over our team of highly experienced and professional workmen. Our experts boast in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of leading practices and strategies. We are also versatile and well-versed in all things demolition. Entrust your demo projects to us and bask in the peace of mind we offer.

How It Works 

We design and tailor a plan that meets your requirements exactly, because we understand that it is essentially a very big deal: you’re building your dream home after all.

The Basics: 

  • Contact us with details of your project: scope, location, time constraints and other necessary information
  • Provide information on specific requirements and send us sample photos of your vision
  • After due consideration, we’ll provide feedback detailing an estimate for pricing and duration of the job
  • We’ll immediately deploy our team of experts to your site.

That’s basically the whole process. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and place your trust in the safety, expertise and guaranteed results we offer?

Before the arrival of our crew, there are a few things you should do in order to prepare your property for demolition. Extract items that may impede our efforts and clear out your cabinets, baths and showers. Also, remove decor and mirrors and other items hanging on the walls. Finally, ensure that all utilities in the room are properly shut off to enhance safety and promote effectiveness.

Common Types Of Bathroom Renovation 

We handle several bathroom renovation projects, each one very different from the last. However, we receive a higher volume of requests for the following project types:

  • Small bathroom demos
  • Floor tile removal
  • Mud wall demolition
  • Shower and tub demo
  • Old bathroom demolitions
  • Concrete floor removal

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a bathroom demo prep checklist? 

As we noted earlier, projects differ when it comes to requirements. There are, however, certain processes that are fairly constant in all cases:

  • Shutting off all utilities in the bathroom: It’s very important to ensure that electricity and water are turned off in the work area before our team can proceed. This is usually one of the first preparations to make for any demolition job.
  • Taking out personal items and decor: Remove every personal item that you don’t want accidentally destroyed. It’ll make our job easier and faster not having to constantly wonder if you want particular items demolished or not.
  • Delineating structures that you want to keep: Clearly identity fixtures and areas that you want to preserve so that we can work around them.

What are the most common reasons people demolish their bathroom? 

Most times, people simply want to fix up their bathrooms with the latest amenities, such as that much-desired bath, and need to start remodeling from scratch. Some people may need their plumbing and electric fixtures updated. No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered, every step of the way.

Can Austin Demolition Service remove tile, glass, and other sharp or difficult materials? 

The answer is a resounding yes! We have a deep and thorough understanding of the best safety protocols, and we strictly follow these guidelines when we reduce all types of materials we encounter to rubble. We extract the recyclable materials and properly dispose of dangerous ones.

For a quote on full or partial bathroom demolition, give us a call today.