Commercial Demolition Contractor Services

Commercial Demolition Contractor Services

Commercial Building Demolition

Demolition is not the most glamorous or exciting exercise for commercial property owners, and most would rather delegate this task to others. Fortunately, commercial demolition is one of our areas of specialization, and we guarantee the best results, irrespective of terrain or location.

We will handle all projects- from demolishing a busy downtown building to interior demolition of complexes in suburban areas- with maximum care and a minimum of fuss. Our staff are fully residential in the area, which gives us an edge when it comes to a thorough understanding of local topography and laws. We also respond to calls in record time, and our turnarounds are very fast so that your business establishments take as little hits as possible.

We’re driven by a passion to deliver exceptional service, and customer satisfaction tops our list of considerations.

We strive to strike your targets exactly and bring your vision for the project to fruition. We also ensure that safety standards are fulfilled, with minimal impact on the environment. We have several decades of experience with all kinds of demolition under our belt, which puts us in the best possible position to handle all your projects for you. Contact us today and let’s create a tailor-made plan for you.

How It Works

Because we understand that buildings are just as different as people, we take each building’s unique properties into consideration when designing individual demolition plans.

The Basic Steps:

  • You contact us with details of the magnitude of your commercial demolition and where it is sited.
  • Let us know of any deadlines if applicable, and highlight the dimensions of the project. Also, delineate structural and interior preferences.
  • We’ll provide a walk-through of the whole project after providing a price estimate.
  • Just as soon as a favorable agreement is reached, our crew will execute the project in a timely fashion.

No matter the scale of your demolition project, we’ve got the wherewithal and technical expertise to execute it safely and quickly.

A couple of things you can do that will greatly support a hitch-free process: you can get all furniture and household appliances out of the way or alert tenants to do same before the arrival of the crew. To ensure the safety of our team, please endeavor to switch off all utilities and other systems. Typically, we’ll begin with areas that demand greater effort and proceed from there. We also handle salvageable items with greater care.

Most Common Commercial Demolitions:

  • Steel beam and structural demolition
  • Eco-friendly demo
  • Interior office wall removal
  • Explosive and non-explosive commercial demolition
  • Commercial flooring demo
  • Roof removal
  • Commercial pool demolition
  • Concrete crushing and removal (interior and exterior)

Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer all your questions. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the demolition of all types of structures, whether residential or commercial. We place immense emphasis on safety, and our passion for excellent service delivery bodes well for every project assigned to us.


What is a “demolition clause” in a commercial lease?

Depending on which side of the divide you’re on (the buyer of commercial space or tenant), a demolition clause can mean good or bad news. According to the provisions of this clause, in the event of the sale of a commercial building, landlords can give a notice to vacate to tenants after a specified amount of time, so that the building can be demolished or remodeled. Sometimes, this does not necessarily mean that the whole building would be completely removed, but it can lead to confusion and several moments of uncertainty for people who rent the property.

How much of my building space needs to be cleared out before demo?

Decor, personal belongings, furniture and other items that you want to preserve may impede the demolition process, and we request that they be removed before the arrival of our team. We greatly appreciate clear space, as clear space allows us to perform our duties safely and much faster. However, you don’t have to completely evacuate your office space in partial or interior removals. In such cases, all you need to take out are items in and around the project area.

Does ADC handle exterior and interior commercial demolition?

The short answer is yes, definitely. Everything from interior office wall demolition to outdoor landscaping is within our range of expertise. We bring decades of high-flying achievements to the table and are unfazed by the magnitude or scope of any project.

All you need to do is contact us and provide details of your project and we’ll swing into action immediately. First, we’ll draft a tailor-made plan for you, taking into consideration unique factors such as installations and local regulations. We’ll then proceed to deliver exceptional demolition service, taking care to maintain safety standards and with as little disruption to the environment as possible.